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Come, let's seize the world!

This sword's history is very different from the others.

Rather than being known for who or what he killed, Mutsu is known as the sword who "didn't cut anything." The one who loved him and made him famous was "Sakamoto Ryouma."

Sakamoto was a master of Hokushin Itto-ryu. However, there are no stories or records of Sakamoto killing someone with a blade. When he was attacked in the Teradaya Incident, he didn't draw his blade, instead, using his gun. Even when he was killed in the Omiya Incident, though he tried to draw his sword from its sheath, he didn't cut anyone. But since he was reaching for Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki to the very end, even if he didn't kill anyone, Sakamoto probably felt protected by this sword.
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18+?: Yes
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NAME: Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki
AGE: Around 500 but appears in his early 20s
CANON: Touken Ranbu

CANON HISTORY: Touken Ranbu Wiki | Character wiki

❝I gained a reputation in Tosa as a famous sword, but in Ryōma’s period, swords had already become old-fashioned. But hey, that’s the world for you.❞

Even though he's a sword, Mutsunokami, to this day, continues to praise the superiority of guns over swords. Swords are old-fashioned, guns are of this period, when you go into battle, be ready to aim and fire! Heck, he even uses a gun himself in battle and he would probably use one when training too if they were doing target practice instead of sword practice.Even when backed with extra troops from the armory, he insists that he’ll fine with just a gun or that, if he must have some equipment, can he can some cannons? The answer is no because as an uchigatana he can’t equip musketeer troops (boo!). Given his enthusiasm, it’s probably for the best that he doesn’t get to play with too many guns either (because what is a safety?).

A lot of Mutsu's personality is heavily inspired by his former master, Sakamoto Ryouma who had a wild reputation as a bold progressive in a changing era which would ultimately lead him to becoming one of the most famous historical figures in all of Japan and one of it's national heroes.

❝Come, let's seize the world!❞
In his last adventure, Mutsunokami had traveled across Japan with Ryoma. And when I say traveled across the country, I mean they were also running for their lives because Ryoma not only was he a wanted man but he was wanted dead. He was by Ryoma’s side when he funded his private navy, when he negotiated the seemingly impossible Satcho-Alliance, and convinced the Tokugawa shogunate to step down. All of this happened over the course of five fast and short years so it’s really no surprise that when the saniwa summons him, he’s ready to go.

In the event he isn’t chosen as a starter sword and is simply obtained, he introduces himself and declares he’s ready to seize the world. Though he’s more than willing to follow orders as evident when it comes to performing tasks around the citadel from saniwa, Mutsunokami is definitely a bit of a leader in spirit. When chosen to be leader in a formation, he gets excited and claims, “Ya totally get me!”

He was also a very well traveled sword in life so unlike some swords, who seem to express dislike for being sent on expeditions, Mutsunokami, again, becomes not only excited but starts to get ready right away. You see, just as much as he loves new things, he also loves to go to new places. The fact that he’s been in a museum for the last couple decades probably hasn't helped contain his energy either and he's particularly prone to getting into shenanigans when left to his own devices and encouraging others to do the same.

❝If it's a business talk, leave it to me.❞
Going back, again, to Sakamato, they were a very successful merchant family. It was through business that they were able to purchase their samurai title and commission Mutsunokami in the first place. Ryoma was no exception and created his own trading fleet which doubled as a private navy. It only makes sense that Mutsunokami inherited some of their business sense.

If the player decides to purchase something with Mutsunokami as the leader, he tells them to let him talk business. If he finds resources on the map, he becomes excited over, “special income!” He definitely seems to be pretty confident when it comes to economics.

❝Battles, huh... If it's really necessary, I guess it can't be helped...❞
Interestingly enough, he’s also inherited Ryoma’s desire for negotiating. As a sword, it seems pretty natural that he would want to fight in one way or another but Mutsunokami is a little strange in this sense. Only a little. Again, he’s not a sword famous for any wars or battles— he’s famous because he’s the sword of a great negotiator. It appears as though Mutsunokami isn’t the sort to want to fight if there are alternatives.

Even more, when the player encounters a boss on the map with him as the leader. You see, all of the swords react a little differently depending on their personalities. Some become excited, some are afraid, others become confident or indifferent. For Mutsunokami, his usual spirit becomes much more subdued and he immediately expresses a disdain for the air that feels like, “nothing but the smell of blood and death.” You catch glimpses of this in the anime, Hanamaru, as well when he refuses to fight in what appears to be a dangerous situation (against a wild bear) but he opts to negotiate first, keeping both his opponent and ally (Yamatonokami) from engaging in battle.

❝Do ya have a goal?❞
Don’t let this desire to talk things out fool you though! He might prefer for things to be different but at the end of the day, not only is he a sword but he’s a sword with a mission right now! And just like in his last life, he’ll dedicate himself to the saniwa and charge at the enemy with gun and sword without holding back. At the citadel, one of the things he inquires directly about the saniwa is if they have a goal. The answer is obviously yes, given the whole reason he's even around is to help the saniwa achieve their mission but I like to think that this show's he's a goal oriented person.

Sure, he might like to doze off and take things easy once in awhile, but if he's doing nothing, he feels like he's wasting time and if he feels like he's doing something, he'll charge into it with his all. He seems to have enough fun shooting and slashing at his opponents. He also loves being able to show off his strength, particularly when he becomes stronger, but surprisingly enough, if he’s complimented, he actually gets a little shy about it.

❝Stop, stop. Even if ya' do such things, it won't change anything.❞
One of the main points in the game is that these swords are summoned to go back in time to fight evil spirits that are trying to change time. Their job, as summoned by the saniwa, is to make sure that history remains as it has already been. However, since many of these swords were naturally very close to their previous masters, it makes sense that certain missions bring back memories and some of the swords might feel a little tempted to change history.

Mutsunokami has a special conversation with Nagasone Kotetsu, the sword of Isami Kondou the man who was both commander of the Shisnengumi. Though Mutsunokami has a rather cheerful and friendly personality, he admits that he has a difficult time getting along with the Shinsengumi and is most likely to quarrel with them. Even more, Kondou was the man executed for killing Sakamoto at the immediate time. You would think that Mutsunokami would have some hostile feelings there but when he overhears Nagasone’s desire to change the past, he’s quick to stop him.

It would appear that, despite their pasts and present difficulties, he doesn’t have any actively hostile feelings towards them. Right now, they might fight, but they’re on the same side and they’re fighting for the same reasons. He’s going to look out for his allies and if he has to drop some real talk on them, he’ll do it, whether they like it or not.

❝I'll most likely end up quarreling with those Shinsengumi swords. Those guys, I wonder if they can keep up with the times.❞
Also of note, Mutsu has deep and complicated history with the swords of the Shinsengumi. Historically, they were on opposing sides as each other's enemies. Despite never facing each other directly back then, Sakamoto Ryouma was one of the most wanted men in Japan at the time and caused the Shinsengumi endless problems, even after his death. Of note, Kondou Isami was executed for the death of Sakamoto and as a result, Mutsu and Kondou's sword, Nagasone, don't get along very well in particular. Nowadays, Mutsu and the Shinsengumi are more like friendly and aggravating rivals. He's constantly teasing and starting fights with them and while his arguments with Nagasone tend to be particularly personal, they ultimately get along as allies.

For all his talk about guns, as the spirit of a sword, he’s got a knack for swordsmanship! His style of choice is the Hokushin Ittō-ryū, the same as Sakamoto Ryoma. He also has a knack for guns, using one in battle along with his sword which suggests he knows how to fight one handed.

He has two bodies: His physical body he manifests as and his “real” body which is his sword. His physical body is able to sustain more damage than the average person but damage to his sword can really mess him up and will need to be repaired. If his sword breaks, he dies. I think the cast has mostly agreed that their human bodies are generally tougher than regular humans since they can take heavy amounts of damage, keep fighting, and recover quickly enough.

He also most likely has some sixth sense. When encountering a boss on the map, he remarks that the air smells of blood and death, clearly sensing some sort of dark intent.

AU NAME: Ryūsei Sakamoto (坂本 竜星)
AU AGE: 20
PHYSICAL DIFFERENCES: Physically, he looks mostly the same! His hair is shorter and his eyes are a darker and more natural brown. In canon, he has a scar at his side that he keeps under his bandages. While Ryusei will have his own share of scars from being a rascal kid, he won't have that exact scar anymore.

His father was a Japanese businessman who met his Japanese-American wife in Recollé. She moved to Japan with him where she gave birth to Ryusei. A few years later, they relocated back to the US. Though both of his parents are loving and supportive, she's strict and intimidating and he is rarely at home due to business travels. His mother eventually became a landlady in Birch Hills.

Ryusei was a curious and energetic child, constantly running around and sticking his nose into trouble. HIs mother, catching on early, made him join a soccer team so he could burn off his excess energy. It was super effective and he continued playing soccer through out elementary school and into junior high school.

Midway through his first year, he heard about a kendo school. Proud of his heritage and (honestly) thinking it sounded really cool, he tried some lessons. He hit it off with some of the other students and eventually quit soccer to take up kendo. He wasn't the best but he was a reliable and supportive member of the team. He was definitely more casual student than some of the others and often butted heads with some of the more serious members while looking out for the less experienced kids who were just there to have fun like him.

Academically, Ryusei was never the best student. He was a class clown who didn't take school as seriously as he should have and while his grades were above average (because of his mother's influence over him), he was definitely slacking off. In high school, his homeroom teacher noticed his potential and began to push and challenge Ryusei to succeed. The same teacher also got him to consider his future which Ryusei hadn't really thought about. Lacking a stable father figure in his life, Ryusei latched on to this teacher and began to focus more in school to make them proud. He began to stay after school more, go to tutoring sessions, and befriend some of the smarter kids in class so they could study together.

Around the same time, kendo club was falling apart. Realizing this, Ryusei eventually stopped going— deciding to focus on his academics and new college goals instead of saving what he thought was a lost cause. He managed to bring his grades up, getting accepted into most of his choices including his first— Recollé University. He never really explained to his old kendo mates why he quit and this led to some misunderstandings with some of them later on.

In college, he found himself switching majors constantly, torn between business and political science. He dabbled briefly in sociology and flirted with other majors but he consistently always fell back on business and politics. He studied abroad for a semester in Japan because he wanted to explore the country without his parents for a change. He loved it and he wants to do another program before he graduates.

Currently, he's still getting through university and trying to commit to a major while working multiple part-time jobs in the year because he's still got too much energy and needs to channel all of it into something productive or else he'd probably end up arrested for something stupid. He lives at home with his mother and cousin.

For the most part, Ryusei is the same as Mutsu and the biggest differences are his motivations and purposes behind his personality.

Ryusei is a wild guy. He's loud, outspoken, energetic, curious, and prone to getting into trouble when left on his own. He's the guy that has wild and insane stories about something stupid he'd done once upon a time and anyone that knows him would be inclined to believe him. Fortunately, his mother is a strong woman able to wrestle her son into behaving and even at the age of twenty, she's the most effective way to scare him straight. He loves his parents very much and wants to make them proud.

Over the years, he's learned to turn his energy into something productive by picking up different hobbies and projects. As a kid, it manifested as him taking up sports and as an adult, he channels it into his studies and working to support and treat himself without his parents support. Though he loves his parents and he loves them, he didn't have much of a male role model for most of his life due to his father's frequent travels. This made him particularly impressionable when a male teacher in high school began to work with him. To contrast the absence of his father, Ryusei has a strong motherly figure and a deep respect for women as a result. Somtimes he tries to stand up to his mother, especially now that he's an adult but as long as he lives in her house, he's going to follow her rules.

Like Mutsu, Ryusei is outspoken and prone into getting into arguments with others. He doesn't mean to but he just doesn't think before he speaks and has this tendancy to run his mouth. He's very stubborn, passionate, and direct so when he feels a certain way about something, he makes it very apparent. And while he's capable of fighting (and has gotten into one or two through his grade school years), he's much less likely to get into a physical altercation than Mutsu is because there are actually consequences in this life for getting into fights.

Ryusei is an incredibly supportive and loyal friend. In soccer and kendo, he was the one that cheered the loudest and the first to defend his team if anyone came after them. He comes off as impulsive when it comes to his friends and family but he's surprisingly good at reading others. The problem is, as good as he is at understanding people, he isn't very good at handling things. He's the type of person who can pick up on when his friend is upset but won't necessarily know what to do beyond some words of encouragement and a display of support.

While Mutsu was obsessed with new things in a new age due to coming from an old era, Ryusei isn't quite the same. Ryusei, growing up in a modern era, isn't as obsessed with every new thing but he gets caught up in the hype of new things easily. He might not be camping out in front of an Apple store every time a new model comes out but the minute a fast food chain announces their deep fried chicken bun bacon burgers, Ryusei is there. He loves new things and isn't afraid to try something at least once but it's less because he feels like he needs to keep up with the times and more because he is the embodiment of #YOLO.

It's two AM when Ryusei comes home and he knows he's made a mistake. Looking down at his phone, home screen lit up to show him the time, he lets out a groan. He should have been home hours ago and he knows it. Hesitantly, he stops just in front of the apartment and looks up at the windows to see if anyone else is awake. He can catch a few lights behind the curtains and blinds but for the most part, the windows are dark.

They're sleeping like reasonable people! He can already hear his mother snapping and his eyes flit to his quarters. Dark. He could probably sneak in, he considers, reaching for the keys in his pocket. But he knows his front door creaks and his mother isn't the lightest of sleepers. She'd wake up in an instant, grab him by the ear, and give him an earful for coming home late. Just thinking about it makes him reach for his head, holding his ear protectively.

Nah, he can't go in through the front door, he thinks. And this is fine. It's not like it's his first time having to resort to this but things are a little different this time, aren't they? Making his way around the apartment, he passes the first window and contemplates for just a second. He used to climb in through that window all the time when he was growing up but he can't anymore. His younger cousin lives in there now and like a reasonable person he's probably been asleep for hours. That's fine! It's not like the window for his new bedroom is any different and he makes his way over to the second one, hopping over some bushes and feeling along the window's ledge. It's exactly the same and if he just jimmies it a bit just like this. All he has to do is flip the latch and--

The light to his bedroom suddenly turns on and he freezes. Stomping feet and the blinds pull open revealing his mother, dressed in a robe and armed with a wooden practice sword he recognizes as the one he'd thrown behind his door under a pile of clothes ages ago.

Ryusei is frozen, framed in the window like some sort of guilty portrait of himself and he barely has a chance to react when she unlocks and slams the window open, reaches out, and drags him in by the hair.

"Ow, ow, ow, ma!" Ryusei hisses, tripping over the edge, stumbling into the room, and trying to pull himself free. She's already starting to yell at him, unleashing a trail of curses in Japanese. What are you doing? Who do you think you are? Do you know what time it is?! Do you know how worried I was? Not a phone call home or anything?!

"Waitaminute, waitaminute! I was trying to sneak in so I wouldn't wake ya up!" He explains and she gives him a sharp pull down to her level. So you thought sneaking around in the middle of the night like a burglar was better?!

Well, honestly, he hadn't thought of it that way and Ryusei tries to explain, "C'mon, ma, I'm twenty years old! Ya can't really give me a curfew!" Immediately, he knows he's made a mistake and he tries to pull away so he can jump right back out the window but she doesn't relent, dragging him back in by his hoodie and holding onto him like some sort of barnacle.

As long as you live in this house, you do!

A light turns on in the hallway.

And now you've woken up your cousin and are disturbing the neighbors--!

"--'m sorry, 'm sorry! Ma...!"
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